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Olive happy after a long trail hike with East Bay Dog Walker Uncle Dave

Olive, a retriever mix, came to us at 10 months old.


She had endless energy, some quirks, and not the best of manners. We quickly realized that one hike a day wasn't going to cut it. We needed help. We went to Yelp and interviewed with the highest rated dogwalking companies. After working with two companies, we learned that they often outsource to less-experienced people. One lost our dog and another wasn't reinforcing good behavior.


We wanted someone that would lead with a positive attitude and help reinforce the good manners training we were working on.


I saw Dave and his pups on a few occasions and immediately saw how much his pack adored and trusted him. He came to our house for an interview and Olive was immediately smitten. It's been two years and we couldn't be happier.


Dave is a life-saver. He provides us with daily reports, is incredibly reliable, and genuinely knows and cares for each of his charges.


Olive greets him with absolute excitement at the start of every walk, and comes home happy and tired. Our new puppy squeals and jumps with excitement each time he comes through the gate.


Dave is simply the best. We can't imagine anyone else taking

care of our sweet handful.


- Leslie B., Oakland

Owner of happy East Bay dog 

Uncle Dave's Pet Care

East Bay dog walker

East Bay dog walking

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